Top Ten Tuesday:Top Ten Favourite TV Shows

img_4188-3So I’ve always seen people do this, and it seems fun so let’s get into this. Top Ten Tuesday was creating by This week’s subject is tv themed and I decided to do my Top Ten Favourite Tv Shows which is hard I know but l’m going to try my best.

  1. Gilmore GirlsUnknown

I was super late into the game watching this, mainly because I was like 2  when this first came out, but I discovered  two falls ago, and it’s safely safe it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I’m so excited for some Rory and Lorelia this fall

2.Veronica Mars     Unknown-1

Kristen Bell is a wonder and a gift to this world, and Veronica Mars is one of the spunky and awesome characters ever. I don’t like detectives stories that much but this one I love more than anything.

3.Brooklyn Nine Nine  Unknown-2.jpeg

This is one of the only comedies I really watch and it’s just so funny and it’s amazing they can pack so much jokes into just twenty minutes.Plus there’s the diverse cast which is such a great bonus, along with a lot of great subjects discussed. If you haven’t watched this show you’re missing out.

4.   Doctor  Who


I love this show, the only problem I have with it is the fact that I can’t stand the 11th doctor which is why i so often forget about it. It is simultaneously my favourite and least favourite show ever. I love the Ninth and Tenth Doctor and I love those seasons but I just can’t stand the 11th doctor. Despite that fact Doctor Who will always be a favourite.

5. Supernatural  Unknown-1

Another one that I often forget about. I love season 1-5 of Supernatural, and then after there are bits and pieces that I really enjoy, but it reached a point where it got to be much, and I just didn’t care. I’ve stopped watching it, the last episode I watched was the musical one which was really good but I’m never going to continue it. They need to learn how to stop

6.The  4400   Unknown-3

This is one of the  most underrated shows I’ve ever watched. I’ve never seen anyone talking about and it  really makes me sad because it’s such a good show. To give you the gist of it, 44400 people  disappear across a period of about 80 years, one day in modern day seattle they return in a ball of light with newfound abilities. It’s kind of like Heroes but different and it’s just so good. It’s on Netflix.

7.The Fosters


This show is really nothing special but I just really like it. It’s super diverse and most of the characters are awesome, and I just really really like it. I haven’t finished season three yet, but everything I have watched I’ve enjoyed. Plus Connor/Jude for life

8. 12 Monkeys


Another super underrated one,it’s a great time travel story filled with tons of twists and turns that’s based off of the movie with Brad Pitt.It has two seasons, and the third one is coming out in 2017 and it’s just really good

9. Pretty Little Liars


I have a love hate relationship with this show, but I’ve suffered through seven seasons of it so that has to mean something right? I think it’s a lot of the times really stupid, but that doesn’t stop me from getting excited every tuesday, and I cannot wait for April so yeah it’s one of my favourites though I know there’s a lot of flaws

10. Shadowhunters


I feel like it’s a little too early for me to call it a favourite but the first season was amazing and I can’t wait to see what they do with the show.






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