Hannah Recommends:Diverse Adult Books


So as someone who reads a lot of Adult books, I feel like there’s a lack of diversity in Adult. I know this is partially due to me, and the fact that I haven’t searched far enough, but I also do  think that it is something that is often lacking in Adult literature. i just want more than anything a LGBT chicklit,or just anything like that. So today I’m recommending some  adult books that have diverse elements. The list may be short at the moment, but I am constantly in search of books like this so I hope it will oneday grow.

  1. Sing You Home By Jodi Picoult

This book features a lesbian couple:Zoe, and Vanessa,and the struggles they face as they try to have a baby. This is one of my favourite Jodi Picoult book, and I just think it’s so important. It really discusses the  day to day struggles one faces.The only problem I have with this book, is it kind of makes out that being pregnant is the only option, and they kind of just ignore the possibility of adoption, which i really didn’t like but I still think it’s worth a read.

2.The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

This is  a book that I have trouble explaining without spoiling any major plot points. But basically this girl Frances falls in love with one of their tenants:Lillian, and then halfway through someone really extreme happens, and I kind of have to deal with that while trying to keep on to their love? This is set in the 20s, it’s more of a hidden romance but I really enjoyed it though it is very very long winded.

2. The Illegal by Lawrence Hill

This is about a a runner who lives  in this fictional place that I believe is in Africa and he escapes to go the “Freedom State”  because his father was killed for his political beliefs.It’s this really character  rich story, that discusses a lot of important issues such as race,freedom of speech, etc.

3. Kindred by Octavia Butler.

This is about an African American Woman in the 70s(?) who  finds herself going back in time repeatedly  to save her ancestor. She finds herself stuck on a plantation, and losing the freedom she had in the present. It’s a really tough read, but it’s very important to read about something like that

4.All The Light We Cannot See

This book is often compared to The Book Thief and while I don’t see it, it’s still a very good book. It’s about a blind French Girl and a german boy who’s lives intertwine during World War 2. It’s a very beautiful and complex story, if anyone is interested I have a full review of it on my Tumblr.

5.The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni

This is one of the saddest  books I’ve ever read, but it’s just so amazing. The setting is  Kabul and it’s really a tale of friendship, love and loss while  also having historical elements of Afghanistan It’s not enough to just watch the movie, I really believe that this is a book that needs to be read.


So there you have it, five diverse adult recommendations. I know it’s a very small number, and I really want to improve on the number of diverse books i read  especially adult ones, so any and all diverse adult recommendations are welcome!




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