Top Ten Tuesday:Top Ten Albums


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week is an audio freebie, so I decided to  do my top albums. Now  my music taste is pretty boring, and these albums are like the only music I ever listen to but yeah anyway let’s get into this. Since I don’t have that many favourite albums, I think I’ll also do a favourite and least favourite song for each album

1.American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall out Boy

I love this Album so much, and all the songs on it are such perfection,and  I think it’s probably one of my fave Fall Out Boy songs

Favorite:Jet Pack Blues

Least Favourite:Novaccaine

2. Badlands  by Halsey

Idk Halsey isn’t something I would normally listen to, but her songs are just really catchy, and though I can’t relate at all to anything she sings about it, I really like her album

Favourite:Coming Down

Least Favourite: I Walk the Line

3.Night Visions by Imagine Dragons.

Now I’m not  as  obsessed with Imagine Dragons as I used to be, but it’s the first band I really liked and if any of the songs were to come on I would definitely sing along


Least Favourite:Hear me

4.Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy

Seeing as Fall Out Boy is my favourite band I had to include more than 1 album by them.This was Fall Out Boy’s comeback album and I think they did a very job, and it’s very different from their old stuff but still very good

Favourite:Alone Together

Least Favourite:Where did the Party Go

5. Hamilton Cast Album

This is a recent discovery but I really love Hamilton, and I think it’s really well done and constructed in a really amazing race. It’s really clever and I really love all the songs and the story


Least Favourite:Farmer Refuted

So that it’s, my music taste is very broad, which is why I only have five albums but whatever.

What are your favourite Albums?



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