Hannah Recommends:Historical Fiction



  1. Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly 


Revolution alternates between  present Paris, and a paris in the middle of a revolution. Revolution follows two girls Andi, and Alexandrine as their lives begin to intertwine despite the fact that they live almost two centuries apart. I really love this book , as I think it’s not only a good historical fiction book, but just a good book in general. There are some very important topics addressed such as substance abuse, and depression, while also being a very informative book about the French Revolution

2. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson


Life After Life tells the story of Ursula who is able to die but still live. Every time she dies, she goes back to the same moment  that made her die and she is able to  continue on her life. This book has such an unique concept, but it’s not the only thing going for it. It’s also a very character rich story, and  a very emotional one too. Life After Life takes place across two world wars, and it’s a really good read for people who are looking for a historical fiction novel that’s interesting and unique

3. Second Glance by Jodi Picoult


This is another book that has two timelines.One is in modern day Vermont where an Indian Burial ground is being expropriated to build a strip mall, the another in the 30s during a time where the Eugenics program was going strong. Like any Picoult Book, Second Glance is a character rich novel filled with lots of twists and turns. The historical subject was very unique, and I learnt a lot about something I knew very little of. Here’s my Review if you’d like to know more about this book.

4.11/22/63 by Stephen King


11/22/63 is a time travel novel that explores the possibility of being able to stop the Kennedy Assignation. I love a good time travel novel, and this is one is one of the very best. This book is very slow burning and long. It takes quite awhile to get to the main part of the story. Above all this isn’t just a story about the prevention of Kennedy’s assassination. it’s much more than that, and features a large variety of story arc. I really love this book, and if you’re looking to  get into Stephen King, I’d recommend this one to you. It’s not scary, though it is a little gorey and it’s really good.

5.In The Shadows of BlackBirds by Cat Winters


This book is  takes place during early  1900s in a time where the Spanish Influenza was a huge issue. It’s a very creepy, supernatural kind of books mixed with an awesome set of characters. There’s a lot of sides to this book and it’s really perfect for anyone whether you like mystery, paranormal,historical fiction or romance. It’s really interesting and I really think it’s worth the read.

So there you have it. Some historical fiction novels that I highly recommend and that I think a lot of people would enjoy.

Is there any ones that you think I should read? I’m always open to recommendations!






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