Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Books of Realistic Fiction

img_4188-3Top Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week’s topic is top ten favorite books of any genre. I chose realistic fiction as i find it’s the genre i reach for the most.I define Realistic fiction as kind of the adult version of contemporary? I don’t know if that’s the correct defintion, but that’s how i define it so let’s get into this. ( This is like two days late but yolo)

1.I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak

This wouldn’t be a favorites post without me mentioning my all time author. I am The Messenger is so diffirent, yet just as amazing as  The Book Thief.It’s a book filled with amazing characters and rich themes and I highly recommend it

2.The Storyteller  by Jodi Picoult.

This is technically considered as a historical fiction, but i just had to include it. Jodi picoult is one of my favorite authors and this my favorite book by her. It’s such an interesting perspective and is done such a sensitive way. As with any of her books, the writing is amazing as is the characters and there’s the classic Picoult twist.

3. My Grandmother Asked me To Tell you She’s Sorry by Frederick Backman

This is a recent favourite and it’s just so beautiful and endearing. It took me a while to really get into it, but once I did I loved it so much. It’s told from the perspective of a seven year old and just there’s so many great life lessons, and as a great bonus there’s tons of Harry Potter references.

4.The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Again kind of Historical fiction, but like not really so I’m going to include it. This book has one of my favourite storytelling techniques which is a past and present timeline, and The Secret Keeper did such a good job with it,and it was just so interesting.Plus the plot twist at the end was jaw dropping

5.The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom

While all of Mitch Albom’s books are great I think this is my favourite one. It’s just such an interesting read, and  it’s really unique. There’s a kind of Shadow of The Wind feel( idk that just might be me) and it’s just so whimsical and magical.I just really loved it.

6. Still Alice by Lisa Genova

This was one of my favourites books of 2015, and I just cannot rave enough about this week. It’s so heartbreaking, and is told in such a way that makes you really put yourself in the character’s shoes and wonder what it would be to go through what they were going through. The characterization was amazing, and the author did an amazing job of handling the subject of Alzheimers. I really want to read her other books one day

7.A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith

This is one of those classics that can be read anyone, and it’s one that I think everyone should read. It’s a really simple book, but it’s just beautiful it’s in simplicity.Even if you’re not a fan of classics, you should still read it. It reads like a realistic fiction novel today, and it’s just so rich

8. And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseni

I’ve read two of Khaled’s books, and both were amazing, but this one was just a little better than The Kite Runner. Khaled Hosseini just has  a way with words,and he’s just able to craft such an amazing story.He tells devastating tales and yet there’s something so beautiful about them. He’s one of the most talented writers I’ve encountered.

 Okay so I couldn’t quite come up with 10, but eight is just as good right?

What are your favourite realistic fiction books?






More Happy Than Not Book Review


Goodreads Summary:

In the months after his father’s suicide, it’s been tough for sixteen-year-old Aaron Soto to find happiness again—but he’s still gunning for it. With the support of his girlfriend Genevieve and his overworked mom, he’s slowly remembering what that might feel like. But grief and the smile-shaped scar on his wrist prevent him from forgetting completely.

When Genevieve leaves for a couple of weeks, Aaron spends all his time hanging out with this new guy, Thomas. Aaron’s crew notices, and they’re not exactly thrilled. But Aaron can’t deny the happiness Thomas brings or how Thomas makes him feel safe from himself, despite the tensions their friendship is stirring with his girlfriend and friends. Since Aaron can’t stay away from Thomas or turn off his newfound feelings for him, he considers turning to the Leteo Institute’s revolutionary memory-alteration procedure to straighten himself out, even if it means forgetting who he truly is.

Why does happiness have to be so hard?

Rating:5/5 stars


More Happy Than Not is basically a story about a future where you’re able to undergo a operation that buries traumatic memories.This book raises a lot of interesting questions about if you choose your sexuality and if it’s something that you can change about yourself.Not only is this book about accepting you are, it also discusses issues such as race, depression as well as family dynamics. More Happy Than Not is a book packed full of interesting times and concepts, that make you really think about memories and how important they are. We take our memories really for granted and often wish them away. I while there are so many reasons why one might want to erase the bad ones,I think this book shows that it’s important to keep them, no matter how bad.

One of the things I loved was the turn it took. I really didn’t expect the twist halfway through, and it was done and such  a way that just made me went “omg” and then everything just clicked into place. That also kind of sucked because just as I read the twist and wanted to keep reading, the bell rang and i had to get to class. I’ve never wanted to read a book more than I did then. I seriously applaud Adam Silvera for the subtlety that he delivered his twist?? I don’t know if that made sense, but yeah.


Honestly all the characters were great(well everyone expect for his neighbourhood friends, and his dad) but apart from them all the characters were really interesting, and even if i didn’t totally agree with their ways, I felt that they had a lot of depth to them. While at first I kind of didn’t really think much of Aaron’s Mom, she really turned around in the end, and I really grew to love her. Even Eric, Aaron’s Brother turned out to be okay.

Aaron’s struggle brought me close to tears which  never happens,I just couldn’t help but feel so sad about Aaron struggling to be who he is in a world that doesn’t welcome him.

Also as a side note, Aaron is such a nerd and Scorpius Hawthorne is  totally a nod to Harry Potter


Like any contemporary, the story was very easy to read, and Adam Silvera has a very compelling voice. I also really liked the way he constructed the story, so it was kind of a jumbled storyline. I love stories where things from the past are revealed later on, and I think Adam did this very well






Top Ten Tuesday:Top Ten Favourite TV Shows

img_4188-3So I’ve always seen people do this, and it seems fun so let’s get into this. Top Ten Tuesday was creating by This week’s subject is tv themed and I decided to do my Top Ten Favourite Tv Shows which is hard I know but l’m going to try my best.

  1. Gilmore GirlsUnknown

I was super late into the game watching this, mainly because I was like 2  when this first came out, but I discovered  two falls ago, and it’s safely safe it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I’m so excited for some Rory and Lorelia this fall

2.Veronica Mars     Unknown-1

Kristen Bell is a wonder and a gift to this world, and Veronica Mars is one of the spunky and awesome characters ever. I don’t like detectives stories that much but this one I love more than anything.

3.Brooklyn Nine Nine  Unknown-2.jpeg

This is one of the only comedies I really watch and it’s just so funny and it’s amazing they can pack so much jokes into just twenty minutes.Plus there’s the diverse cast which is such a great bonus, along with a lot of great subjects discussed. If you haven’t watched this show you’re missing out.

4.   Doctor  Who


I love this show, the only problem I have with it is the fact that I can’t stand the 11th doctor which is why i so often forget about it. It is simultaneously my favourite and least favourite show ever. I love the Ninth and Tenth Doctor and I love those seasons but I just can’t stand the 11th doctor. Despite that fact Doctor Who will always be a favourite.

5. Supernatural  Unknown-1

Another one that I often forget about. I love season 1-5 of Supernatural, and then after there are bits and pieces that I really enjoy, but it reached a point where it got to be much, and I just didn’t care. I’ve stopped watching it, the last episode I watched was the musical one which was really good but I’m never going to continue it. They need to learn how to stop

6.The  4400   Unknown-3

This is one of the  most underrated shows I’ve ever watched. I’ve never seen anyone talking about and it  really makes me sad because it’s such a good show. To give you the gist of it, 44400 people  disappear across a period of about 80 years, one day in modern day seattle they return in a ball of light with newfound abilities. It’s kind of like Heroes but different and it’s just so good. It’s on Netflix.

7.The Fosters


This show is really nothing special but I just really like it. It’s super diverse and most of the characters are awesome, and I just really really like it. I haven’t finished season three yet, but everything I have watched I’ve enjoyed. Plus Connor/Jude for life

8. 12 Monkeys


Another super underrated one,it’s a great time travel story filled with tons of twists and turns that’s based off of the movie with Brad Pitt.It has two seasons, and the third one is coming out in 2017 and it’s just really good

9. Pretty Little Liars


I have a love hate relationship with this show, but I’ve suffered through seven seasons of it so that has to mean something right? I think it’s a lot of the times really stupid, but that doesn’t stop me from getting excited every tuesday, and I cannot wait for April so yeah it’s one of my favourites though I know there’s a lot of flaws

10. Shadowhunters


I feel like it’s a little too early for me to call it a favourite but the first season was amazing and I can’t wait to see what they do with the show.






Welcome Post

So I somehow got it into my head that creating a wordpress blog was something I needed to do, and something that  would kind organize my original posts better, so here I am with a wordpress press blog. I’ve seen people tumblr start one i.e.: bookavid and beccathelitwitch and it seemed fun so here I am.

This is going to be a really short post, but basically this is a place where I will post reviews,wrap-ups,top ten tuesdays  and  anything that really suits my fancy. I hope that I will be able to upload regularly but you never know  so we’ll see how this goes.

Until Next Time


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