October Wrap-up




1.Winter by Marissa Meyer

My Rating:5/5 stars


One thing I  liked: All the  characters in the final book together.Love the Lunar Chronicles gang.

One Thing I disliked: It was a just a little bit long and kind of dragged out.

2.The Secret Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes.

My Rating:4/5 stars


My Review

One Thing I liked:The originality and creepiness of it.

One thing I disliked: The lack of development in the love interest Jude

3. Strange Things Done by Elle Wild

My Rating:4/5 stars


My Review

One Thing I liked:The setting in the Canadian north

One Thing I disliked:Lacked development  and was wrapped up a little too nicely.

4.The Fever by Megan Abbott

3/5 stars


One Thing I liked:It was a quick read that had me enraptured for the most part.

One Thing I disliked:It lacked direction and just felt really pointless. Plus it was really weird

5.Making Faces by Amy Harmon

My rating:5/5 stars


My Review

What I liked:the rawness and amazing plotline

What I disliked: The character Fern could have been more of a rounded character

6.Dial Em For Murder by Marni Bates

My Rating:4/5 stars


What I liked: Had a very Gallagher Girl feel which was great.

What I disliked: The pacing was very off and it made me  not care about the mystery.

7.Fairest by Marissa Meyer

My Rating:4/5 stars


What I liked:It gave us insight into Levanna’s backstory

What I disliked:It didn’t really add much to my experience reading the Lunar Chronicles.

8. The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty

My Rating:4/5 stars


What I liked:The different perspectives and the messed up characters

What I disliked:I find I was waiting for something to happen, and it never did which let me down.it didn’t wow me like i expected it to.

9.Unbecoming by Jenny Downham

My Rating:4/5 stars


My Review

What I liked: The story of three generations of women and their different lives.

What I disliked:There’s really nothing that I can think of off the bat.The only reason I gave it a 4 stars as opposed to five was because I didn’t LOVE it.

10.Columbine by Dave Cullen

My rating:5/5 stars


My Review

What I liked:The thoroughness of it, and how into depth it went. Dave cullen really went from A to z

What I disliked: That such things happen? Nothing to do with the book but just horrible how some people are.

11.The Widow by Fiona Barton

My Rating:2.5/5 stars


What I liked about it:it was a quick read and an easy one

What I disliked:It wasn’t as much a psychological thriller as a really creepy book about a pedophile?? idk it just really disturbed me.

So that’s my october wrap-up. What did you read this month?



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  1. Looks like you had a great month! You read so many books! I also liked Winter. I liked Fairest too. Queen Levana is so wicked and it’s good to read her sad life 😊


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