Gilmore Girls:A Year In The Life TV Review


So I’ve spent most of this Friday watching the new Gilmore Girls and I kind of just need to express my feelings about it so this is a just a little “review” which is actually just a list of my likes and dislikes about the show.

*Warning* There are some spoilers,so only read if you’ve watched all four episodes


  •  The Characters: I mean how can you not  love the  classic characters? From Lorelai to Luke to all the people in Stars Hollow. I just love everyone, and it was so great seeing  what everyone was up to. Especially Kirk,he has always been a favourite and he just made me  laugh so hard.
  • Stars Hollow:This kind of ties into the first one but I just love Stars Hollow. Nothing has changed, you still have the weird festivals, Taylor’s still complaining and everyone is just their own charming Star Hollows self.
  • Richard’s Death:I mean this part of the show was very sad but it was done very well.Seeing how Emily was dealing with it was absolutely heartbreaking and the whole funeral scene with Emily and Lorelai had me in tears. While I didn’t care for  Richard’s character that much, his absence definitely left a hole in the show.
  • The Musical:The musical in the Summer episode has me laughing so hard. It was such a Stars Hollow thing to do, and I just loved it. Plus they referenced Hamilton which was just  A+
  • Jess: I’m 100% team Jess, and seeing him had me squealing.I love him so much, and I’m pretty sure he’s still in love with Rory which just makes me  so sad.
  • Lorelai and Luke:I’m so happy that they’re still together. They’re one of my favourite ships and though they do have some rough patches throughout the season, I’m glad everything turned out just fine. Lorelai and Luke for life.
  • The Life and Death Brigade: While I’m not a big fan of Logan,I’ve always loved the Life and Death Brigade, so that whole scene was awesome.Plus it was a nod to Across The Universe which is pretty cool.
  • The Ending:I’m still not sure about the ending.I don’t dislike it, but I’m not sure if I like it. I do really think we’ve come full circle, but I do hope that there’s a season 2.


  • Logan:The whole relationship that Rory had with Logan just really irked me. I really don’t like Logan, and I especially hated the fact that he was cheating on his fiancé. I feel like neither Rory or Logan have learnt anything since college.
  • Paul: That whole paul think was so weird and not needed? I found it kind of shitty, and I mean it didn’t add anything to the plot. Rory really should have just dumped in the first episode
  • Rory:I’ve never been a huge fan of Rory, and this season really hasn’t redeemed her.I just feel like she never learns from her mistakes. She does has her moments but there’s still something about her.
  • Problematic Stuff: While I do love Gilmore Girls with all my heart, I know that it has been  problematic in prior seasons. While it wasn’t as bad, there was still that trigger warning joke that really rubbed me the wrong way. I also think that they still need to work on their Diversity. It’s gotten better but still.


So these are my thoughts on Gilmore Girls.I enjoyed it greatly and really hope that there’s a season 2.

What did you think of the new Gilmore Girls?



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