Editing My Novel:Part 2!


So in 2014-2015, I did two Nanowrimos and during those two  Nanowrimos I wrote a 100k novel called Dried Roses.Dried  Roses is about two women in their early thirties who work at the same school. Rosanna is a psychologist, and Leila is an English Teacher. Leila has had a very rough childhood and seeks Rosanna out  to help her. What Leila doesn’t know is that Rosanna knew Leila as a child and knows stuff about her that no one knows. Thus ensues, a hundred thousand word novel about friendship, love and recovery.

Now since this novel has been finished since about a year ago,I have edited it. Not  heavily admittedly but I have started to work out the rough parts. Yesterday I decided to print out all 185 pages and that I was going to edit it by hand.

I’ve only just started it, and I accidentally printed out the wrong first half but other than that it’s going really well. I really like the fact that I can highlight parts that I don’t like, and change them somewhere else.  I have a notebook where I write down all my changes  and I’m having lots of fun. I’ve seen lots of authors do this, but I never thought I would do it myself.Printing work out really helps you see your mistakes.

What about you? Do you have a novel, and if you’re editing it how do you plan on going about doing it?


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