Top Ten Tuesday:Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016


I’ve read so pretty good books this year, and have also discovered some new favourite authors.

1.Amy Harmon.

I’ve read two books by her this year, and I absolutely love them.Infinity +One was really good but then I read Making Faces which was amazing.  She has an amazing talent and is able to create stories so seamlessly.She’s soo good.

2.Lucinda Riley.

I’ve recently discovered that I have an inclination towards books that alternate between past and present and Lucinda Riley has become a new favourite. I’ve read two of her books, and both of them were really addicting. Exactly what I want.

3.Adam Silvera.

I read More Happy Than Not this year and it was soo good.An amazing debut book and I can’t wait to read his new book next year. He’s really talented.

4.Kate Morton.

This author kind of sparked the whole past and present thing. I read The Forgotten Garden first which was soo good and the plot twist was a+. She’s really great.

5.Stephen King.

I finally read a stephen king book this year(11/22/63) and it was really great.After that I read two other books by him which weren’t as good, but still pretty addicting. I’m not sure what other books I should read by him.

6.Oscar Wilde.

I’ve discovered a new classic author that I like:Oscar Wilde. The Picture of Dorian Gray was soo good,I’m still thinking about it. A really solid classic.

7.Colleen Hoover.

I finally caved and read a Colleen Hoover book and I surprisingly really liked it?? I didn’t expect to at all,but it was really good. If I ever see another one of her books at the library,I’ll definitely pick it up.

8.Lawrence Hill.

Lawrence Hill is a really renowned Canadian Author and I’ve never read any of his books, but I  picked up The Illegal this year and it was really good. I know really want to read Book of Negroes.

9.Abigail Haas.

I read Dangerous Girls this year and it was really good. I really want to read Dangerous Boys now.

10.Agatha Christie.

I recently read And Then We Were None and it was pretty good.It wasn’t amazing but I’m glad that I finally read one of her books.I want to read others too.

What about you? What authors did you discover this year?


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