Reading Diverse Books.

It’s almost 2017, and I’ve been looking back at the books I read in  2016, and critically thinking about my reading choices.  So far I’ve read 113 books in 2016, and out of those 113 books, I read 25 diverse reads. I definitely thought I had read more than that but I guess I just didn’t. I really  think that it’s important to read diverse books, and it’s something that I try to  do. I love reading Diverse books but I’m realizing that I’m not reading as much as I could.

I could give lots of excuses like the fact that I get most of my books at my library where there isn’t  a lot of books but I need to take responsibility for my reading choices and read more diversely. I definitely make an effort: a large percentage of the books I buy for myself are diverse, and almost all of the books on my Christmas wishlist are diverse but I think everyone can make room for improvement. So I want 2017 to be the year that I am even more aware. Because while as before I just read books without thinking about their diversity,I want to actively search for books that I wouldn’t normally read,especially when going to the library.

Because while I do read diversely when it comes to books about LGBTQ characters, in other areas of diversity, I’m more lacking. So for 2017 I have some goals about reading diversely.

  • Read more books with racially and ethnically diverse characters.
  • Read more  non-western books.
  • Find diverse adult books.
  • Whenever I go to the library, I have to get at least one diverse book
  • Whereas in 2016, 22% of the books I read were diverse, up that number to at least 35-40%
  • Reccomend and review more diverse books
  • Read mainly #ownvoices authors.

So these are my goals in regards to reading diversely in 2017. What about you? Do you have any goals about diverse books?



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