December Book Haul



So December happened to be a month that I got a lot of books, I didn’t buy any of these books:7 were from publishers Simon and Schuster  Canada and Raincoast one was from my dad and I won on book in a giveaway. Also it’s not pictured but I got one book from my mom.

1.The Cruelty by Scott Bergstorm


So I actually didn’t realize this when I requested it from the publisher but this is the book that had some controversy surrounding it awhile back. The author was like bashing YA or something like that,and making it seem like his book was a 100x better than anyone else’s.  So I’m going to read the book, but I don’t know if I’ll like it.

2.The Other F-Word by Natasha Friend


I already read this book and it’s really good! Here’s my review if you’re interested review

3. Factory Girl by Josanne La Valley


This sounds really good! If i’m not mistaken, it’s about a girl in China who works in a factory? Idk I might be wrong, but I’m excited to read it.

4.The Beast is An Animal by Peternelle Van Arsdale


So from what I’ve gathered from the synopsis, I think it’s about souleaters and the girl who tries to stop them? I’m not exactly sure but it sounds interesting. A little out of my comfort zone, but still I’m excited to read it.

5. Promises to Keep by Gennieve Graham


This is about Acadia during the war in like 1755 between the french and the english. It’s Canadian, which is awesome so I’m really excited to read this.

6.The Education of Margot Sanchez.


This is an awesome read about a Puerto Rican girl who has to work at her father’s grocery store for the summer Review

7. The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley


I love Lucinda Riley,so I’m really excited to read it. The only problem is that it’s part of a series and I wonder if I can read the third book without having read the other two

8.A Torch Against The Night by Sabaah Tahir


This series is A+ and just really great. She’s such a great writer, and  has a great setting and world building.

9. Alexander Hamilton:A Biography by Ron Chernow


I’m kind of scared to read this,but I really want to read it this year. It sounds really good!!!



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