Shows I’ve recently become obsessed with.


I love  T.V shows, and I’m the type of person who becomes obsessed with a T.V Show almost instantly, I either love it, hate it or love to hate it. Today I’m just going to be talking about five shows that I’ve started watching in the last couple of months.

  1. Frequency.

I love this show so much.It has really  great characters, and the plot is really great. You never know what to expect and each  episode has a new twist and turn. I’m really praying that this gets renewed.


I’m still getting a feel for this one but so far it’s pretty good! I love all things timetravel so this show is like the perfect thing for me. Plus the characters are all pretty kick ass.

3. One Day at at Time

I just finished this last weekend but it’s so good and honestly has become a favorite. I need a second season desperately. It’s hilarious and amazing, and Elena is great and I love her and it’s just everything I ever wanted in a T.V Show

4. Stranger Things

I know everyone and their mother has watched this show but it’s just too good to not mention. Tbh it’s not even the plot so much as the really awesome characters especially the kids. Dustin is great and my fave.

5. The Get Down

This is another one that I just recently started watching but I know it will be a fave. I feel like it discusses a topic that hasn’t really been discussed and it’s about African Americans and Latinx in the 70s and music and it’s just great. Plus the Mc has the nicest voice ever.


What are some T.V shows  that you recently got into?

4 thoughts on “Shows I’ve recently become obsessed with.

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  1. I haven’t started a new tv show in quite some time, I’m trying to focus on the ones I already watch, like Shadowhunters. And really soon Reign, Once Upon a Time and The 100 are coming back, so I’ll have a lot of episodes to watch haha 😛

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