My Dream Anthology

I think we can all agree that anthologies are extremely hit or miss so today I thought I would write a post highlighting the authors I would have in my dream anthology.A lot of anthologies have a theme so in my dream anthology the theme would be diversity! So either the books they write  are  usually diverse or the authors themselves.

1.Nina Lacour

Nina Lacour is a really great contemporary author, and I feel like she’d write a really cute fluffy f/f romance which would just be adorable.

2.Shaun David Hutchinson

He’s an amazing writer and his books always hit you in the feels and I can always count on him to incorporate diverse elements.

3.Benjamin Alire Saenz.

I feel as though he would be really great at writing short stories and that it would really pack a punch and be really meaningful and well written.

4.Adam Silvera

I just want him to write a short happy story, that’d be nice but I mean anything by him would be great!

5.Alice Oseman

I know she’s written some short stories involving her characters but I’ve never read them so I’d love to read a short story by her. Either featuring past characters or new characters. She always writes the most relatable characters

6.Hannah Moskowitz

I’ve only read one book by her but I absolutely loved it so I know she’s going to be a favorite. I think she could write an amazing story about whatever she choses to write about it.

So that’s my dream anthology!What about you? What authors would you have on yours and what your theme be?

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