January Wrap-Up



Note: All diverse books are specified as such with an asterisks along with a specification as to how they’re diverse.

1.Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Rating:4/5 Stars

What I liked:  The fact that despite this book is an amalgamation of  a bunch of different books,it was very different and intriguing and kept my attention throughout the entire book.

What I disliked: It took me a long time to read , and I didn’t always feel motivated to read it, as it was very slow book at times.

2. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseni*  Set In Afghanistan and author is Afghani as well


My Rating 4/5 stars

What I liked: I absolutely love reading books that have non-western settings, so this book was great. I also really enjoyed the characters.

What I Disliked: It wasn’t as powerful as his other books which isn’t inherently a bad thing it just made me enjoy this one a little less than his other ones.

3. The Book of Negroes* Both Author and most of the main characters are black.



My Rating:4/5 stars

What I liked: This book had a unique perspective, portraying something that isn’t always discussed in literature. Along with great writing, and well-developed characters, this book was great.

What I disliked: There’s nothing inherently bad about it, it just wasn’t worthy of a 5 star.

4.Factory Girl by Josanne La Valley* Set in China, though not #ownvoices.



My Rating:4/5 Stars

What I liked:This is another story that offered a unique perspective which tugged at your heartstrings

What I Disliked:I found it be a little inauthentic due to the fact that the author was white, so it wasn’t really her place to tell it.

5.Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz* Bi,African American  and Anorexic Mc



My Rating:5/5 stars

What I liked: The characters, the diversity, the writing and just how easy it was  to fly through it.

What I disliked: The shortness of it,it was only like 250 pages or so, which is so short and I would’ve really loved like 100 or so more pages.

6.The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer


My Rating:3/5 Stars

What I liked:The vibe to it was really nice, it really felt as though I was watching a thriller or something like that, there was a lot of intrigue.

What I disliked: While I do enjoy thriller movies, I’m not the hugest fan of thriller books and this one really feel flat. It was boring and not that unique at all, and just wasn’t that interesting for most of the book. Plus the romance was really uneeded  and I really hated it.

7.My True Love Gave To me Edited by Stephanie Perkins * Some of the stories contain diverse characters, there’s m/m couple, a jewish Mc,a mexican Mc and an African American love interest,



My Rating:3.5/5 Stars

What I liked: Seeing as this is a short story anthology it’s kind of hard to pinpoint what I liked but my favorite stories were the ones by Gayle Forman,Stephanie Perkins, Kiersten White and Ally Carter.

What I disliked: My least favorite stories were the ones by Holly Black and Laini Taylor, those were really weird.

8. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson



My Rating:5/5 Stars

What I liked: The typical Morgan Matson feel to it: the characters, the writing, the love interest all combined to make a  really great book.

What I disliked: The lack of diversity, honestly writers  need to get their shit together and write more diversely because it’s something that’s really starting to bug me.

9. Here We Are Feminism For The Real World Edited by Kelly Jenson* A large majority of the essays  written in this book are written by marginalized people.



My Rating:5/5 stars

What I liked:How accurate and relevant this book was, and how important and beautifully written these essays were. Everybody needs to read this.

What I disliked: Honestly nothing? There was like two essays I wasn’t the hugest fan of but asides from it was perfect

10. Golden Son  by Pierce Brown


What I liked: The political intrigue, the awesome characters. Also the ending was heartbreaking.

What I disliked: Yet again it was very slow and hard to get into. It’s very much a personal thing seeing as  I very rarely read sci-fi.

What Did you read this month?  Have You read any of the books I mentioned?





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