Moana and Moonlight-Mini Film Reviews

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So I know these two movies have really nothing in common expect for the fact that one was nominated for an Oscar, and one won an Oscar.But I’ve watched both of these movies,in the past few days and I really enjoyed both of them, so I thought I’d just write down my thoughts and talk about the movies.


I was actually really surprised with Moana, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like since Disney movies these days have really been hit or miss for me,but this was actually really good! It might be even one of my favorites. It was such a fun, amusing movie with a lots of great jokes and characters. I absolutely loved Moana, and thought she was a great  Disney Princess and  I was just really impressed with the whole thing. Plus the soundtrack was really great and catchy but I mean what do you expect when Lin Manuel Miranda wrote some of the songs. How far I go is an A+ song, and it’s been in my head ever since I finished watching it. I definitely think it either deserved to win at least one Oscar, and Lin should’ve won over La-La Land. Auli’i  Cravalho is an amazing singer, and  I really can’t wait to see what she does next. The new show she’s going to be in sounds cool and I’m excited to watch it.



I just watched Moonlight last night and it was really good! I love Indie movies so this was just great. I know a lot of people complain about it not having a plot but I personally find that those are the best type of movies? Anyway, it was  filled with emotion and the music choice was A+. Honestly I wish it could’ve been longer, because I felt like some things could’ve been developed lot more. I know it was like 2 hours but an extra hour might’ve been nice. The actors were really great and it was really cool how not a single actor was white, like not even the extras which was so refreshing. I’m really happy that Mahershala has finally gotten the recognition he deserved. He’s in one of my fave shows:the 4400, which is so underrated, so its really nice to see him getting an Oscar and all that. I feel like a lot of people won’t appreciate it as much as it should but I think that you really need to realize how much this movie means and while yes it’s a really good movie, the connotation behind it is equally as important. I think it definitely deserved the Oscar and I highly recommend that you check it out.


Have You watched either of these movies?If not,what are some movies that you’ve recently watched?



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