Beauty and The Beast Movie Review


So I went to see this movie with my sister and our friend on opening night and let me tell you:it was amazing.I have been anxiously anticipating this movie for the longest of the times, and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. I have a lot of things I want to talk about it, so I’m going.

  • The Faithful adaptation: It was very similar to the original one but not in a way that made me feel as though I was just watching a live action repeat of it. It had it’s unique traits while keeping  the  things that made it the beauty and the beast I know and love.
  • Emma Watson: I know a lot of people really don’t like her but I personally found  her to be a great Belle  and also wow I had no idea she could sing
  • The realism of it:One thing that I really appreciated was how the outfits and a lot of aspects were realistic. While they could’ve went with aesthetic of the movie, they kind of went the more realistic route, and showed costumes that were realistic to the area.And while I’m sad that there was no sliding ladder, I appreciate the realistic aspect of them not having a lot of books.
  • The music:That soundtrack tho!!!!So on point and so catchy, I loved all the songs and they were all really great.I especially loved the song where the Beast was singing by himself.
  • The aesthetic:I love the france aesthetic in the 1700s, the buildings, and furniture is so nice and the entire movie was so beautiful.
  • The Beast: I absolutely loved the Beast and he’s like my favorite character ever and he was just really great in this movie.A+
  • LeFou:I know a lot of people were pissed because Lefou shouldn’t be the first gay representation we get in Disney and while I do  agree that it’s not the best, I did enjoy the little part we did get. He did get a redemption Arc which was great and also HIM DANCING WITH A GUY. I died, it was great, I wish they  showed it for more than 2 seconds, I wish it  was less subtle. I can’t believe countries are cutting it out.


Have You watched it?Did you like it?


6 thoughts on “Beauty and The Beast Movie Review

  1. Oh my gosh yes this movie was amazing! I just went to see it today and I agree with you on everything. I also loved the soundtrack and Evermore was my favorite song too 🙂 I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past hour (which I should probably stop because I definitely don’t ever want to get sick of that song!). I with you on LaFou as well. I really hope there’s a more prominently gay character in an upcoming Disney movie because while it was awesome they included it in this movie (big step for such a large and influential corporation!), it would be so cool if it were made to be a more normal thing. I think a big step to making it more normal and accepted is to have the corporation that specializes in fairytales to make a fairytale about a gay main character. Lovely review!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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