All The Forever Things by Jolene Perry Book Review



Goodreads Summary:“How many times have you saved me?” I ask Bree.

She grins. “Don’t you mean how many times have we saved each other?”

Nothing is forever. Gabe knows that more than most girls. After all, she lives in a funeral home (it’s the family business), and she gets that everything in the world dies eventually – people, rumors, fashion trends, the nickname “Graveyard Gabe.” But her best friend, Bree, has been a constant in her life; it’s always been the two of them together. Until Bree starts seeing a guy who stands for everything Gabe thought they were against. How could Bree change her mind and go for someone like Bryce Johnson?

Now Gabe doesn’t know who her friend is anymore. And the only person who seems to have time for her is Hartman, the new guy, who is somehow not weirded out by the funeral home stuff (well, a little). Still, Gabe doesn’t want to lose her mind over a guy the way Bree has, so she holds back.

But a very strange prom night (driving the family hearse instead of a limo) will change what Gabe knows about friendship, love, life, and everything that comes after – forever and otherwise.

My Rating:4/5 stars

Disclaimer:I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.


All the Forever Things has one of the most unique settings I’ve ever seen in any Young Adult, and that is a funeral home. With a setting like that, it’d bound to be an interesting read. This book follows Gabe a girl whose parents have owned a funeral home her entire life and her best friend Bree. Bree is really the only friend that Gabe has but tensions start to grow when Bree starts dating this guy that Gabe really doesn’t like  and their friendship begins to feel threatened. At first I was a little apprehensive of the story and felt it was kind of juvenile and just overall really annoying but it began to shape up in the last 150 or so pages. All The Forever Things is something that I would’ve devoured 4-5 years ago but my tastes have grown so I didn’t appreciate it as much. While I did find it to be juvenile, I think that their was a lot of good discussion about death and grief which is really important in YA. The main thing that boosted my rating was the ending. It was really unexpected and got really dark,really fast and it made a book that was predictable into something that was not.


While Bree’s and Gabe’s friendship was supposed to be one of the central focuses of the book, I feel like it could’ve been executed better. I loved what I saw, but I felt as though there could’ve been a little bit more of an expansion on their friendship. They shared a blog and while it was kind of briefly talked abut, it could’ve been a much larger aspect of the story. I felt very detached from the whole story and would’ve liked to have felt more sympathy for their broken friendship.

I really liked the love interest and thought the romance was really cute but I definitely think that it could’ve been a little better and a little less rushed. I very rarely say this but I think that it should’ve been the focus of the story just a little bit more



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