Books I’d Love To See Be Turned Into Movies.


I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of book to movie adaptations but I personally love them so today I thought  I’d talk about some of the books I’d like to see adapted.

1.Aristotle and Dante Discovers The Secretes of The Universe.

If this were to be a movie, it’d probably be one of the most aesthetically pleasing movie ever. Just imagine all the beautiful shots of the stars, it’d be amazing. I think I’ve heard that there’s a screenplay being writing so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

2.Everything Leads To You

This is another one that could be so aesthetically pleasing. I feel like it would be the perfect indie film  and  I feel the girl who plays Laura on Carmilla would be perfect for the love interest. It would legit would be the cutest gay romance.

3. Radio Silence.

Honestly if this would be turned into a movie I would die. I guess I just really love aesthetically pleasing indie films because Radio Silence would totally be another one of those movies. It’d be the perfect teen movie filled with great references and funny moments.

4.More Happy Than Not.

This is probably one of the saddest books I’ve ever read so if this was a movie I would cry so much. I’d love to see how it would translate into screen and I think it had a really interesting plot and I think a lot could be done with this movie.

5.Far From You

This would be an amazing gritty film filled with teenage angst and mystery. I feel it could be very easily messed up but if it were to be done right it would be so good.

So those are some books that I’d love to see be turned into a movie. What books would you like to see adapted?

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  1. Ooh I totally agree with Ari & Dante! I read that quite recently and I loved it so so so so much. I also think it’d be beneficial to a wider audience – I think Ari & Dante explores teen angst and the whole ‘changes in life’ theme very well.

    I’d love to see More Happy Than Not as a sci-fi, but only in the hands of a talented and capable director. There are so many nuances in the story, and I’m worried that if it gets adapted and isn’t done well, it’ll lose all the meaningful elements of the film.

    As for me, I’d love to see some fantasies adapted, like The Star Touched Queen (which would be very interesting!!), The Bone Witch, or even a classic like Kindred! 😀

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