A Mother’s Love

So we had to write something for english class and I kind of really like what I wrote,so I thought I’d share it with you guys.


A mother’s first moments with her child is supposed to be the most precious part of her life. But for the president of the Union one cannot afford such moments. Barely two hours after she gives birth, she is given an injection and is thrust back to her office. In the short hours that she’s been away, there already has   been two protests and one execution. They told her how risky it would be to have a child but they never told her that she’d be expected to carry on the same duties as before. She hadn’t asked  for much but even a day was like two years in the Union.


She closes the door behind her, shutting out the endless assistants and consultants. She turns to go to her desk but there’s someone already sitting there. She hasn’t seen her sister in years but her sister  still has the same smirk on her face. The president always felt as though her sister was laughing at her and could make her as if everything she did was wrong.

“You’re not supposed to be here.” The president says as she sits down in front of the desk.

“Well I’d say the same to you but apparently the duties of motherhood don’t apply to the president of the Union.”

“That’s unfair and you know it.”

What are you doing Chrissy?You’re not a mom, you’ll never will be. She’ll grow up thinking the nanny is her mom and that you’re just some woman she sees at dinnertime.”

“And you?Leader of the rebellion? Is that really place to raise a family? I’ve seen you on TV, bringing your twins to protests. You’re no better.”

“At least I’m there for them.You don’t deserve that child, you never will.”

“I could call  security. Have you arrested. How great of a mom would you be then?”

“You wouldn’t. You may be president,you may control everyone and yet I still have power over you. I always will. You’re still scared of me and you can’t figure out why.”

“I’m not the one with the million dollar award on my head.”

“You wish you were worth as much as me.”

“Why did you come? What are you trying to prove?”

“You just needed a distraction. You’re going to have a rough couple of weeks.” While the president tries to figure out what that means, her sister gets up and walks out the door. Only she would be able to escape the million dollar security.

The president sits down in her chair only to jolt up,realizing what her sister had meant. She runs as fast as she can, trying to figure out what to do, who to call, whether she had enough time. She gets into her car yelling at the chauffeur,praying that she’ll get there in time.She runs faster than she has  ever but it’s still too late. The deluxe crib in the maximum security nursery is empty. The supposedly safest crib on earth is empty. Her sister had  taken her daughter. While she was  fighting with her sister, someone had stolen her baby. She lets loose a shrill scream and collapses to the floor.


20 Years Later


The president didn’t know how her sister did it  but she had managed to hurt her in a way that no one else ever could.  She thought that she would forget after a while, thought that she’d be able to get over it but she had no such luck.She had the best people on earth to  try to look for her baby girl but they couldn’t. No one could. Her sister was able to do the impossible. Somehow she still hadn’t gotten caught and the reward just kept getting higher.

The president’s assistant walks into her office and smiles apologetically.

“ Turn on the T.V, I think you’ll want to see this.”The president turns it on. On the screen, stood her sister, her two sons and a girl who the president had never seen before.She swore that the girl looked familiar but couldn’t place the face.

“ I have decided to step down and give power to my daughter, Mara. I know that she’ll do everything in her power to fight the Union and bring justice to her people.” The president’s sister passes the microphone to the girl.

“I vow to do everything in my power to protect everyone that the Union ignores. I hope that by the end of the decade,I will eradicate the problem that is the Union and overthrow the leader. President Arabella if you’re watching this, I’m coming for you and when I do I will hurt everyone you love.”The president smiles sadly, for how can   Mara  hurt everyone the president’s loves, if the one she loves and Mara are one and the same?


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