The Books That Helped Me Get Through High School.


I have just finished my physics exam, and then I have two other exams and then I’m done. I’m graduating next week and I can’t believe it.These past five years( quebec is stupid and high school is from grade 7 to 11) have been insane and I’m not going to lie and say they were amazing but I am going to miss it. High school was really hard for me, not academically wise but more socially and without books I don’t know what I would have done. Since  I’m going to be a high school graduate in mere days, I’ve been reflecting a lot and I thought that today I’d do a post that showcased the books that really helped me and made me feel less lonely.


Grade Seven



Would a list be really complete without my favorite book ever?I first read this book in  grade seven and it honestly changed my life.If I had to pinpoint a time where my book obsession morphed into what it is today,I’d have to say that The Book Thief changed the way I read books.I really hated grade seven and just felt so tired of everyone around me but I think that having The Book Thief as my favorite book made everything feel better.

Grade 8


Grade 8 was the year that I homeschooled because I thought school was too easy( boy was I pretentious) Grade 8 was also the year where I really discovered a lot of shit about myself, one being the fact that I have social anxiety.I always knew that I was shy but  I never knew that it was anything more than that, but after reading some descriptions I realized that I have hella bad anxiety. While I know some people find Fangirl to be kind of problematic, I really identified with Cath as a character as she had personality traits very similar to mine which made me feel less alone.It was nice seeing a character with social anxiety, though I’m unsure if it was ever charactarized as such. Though  if I read it now I’ probably wouldn’t like it that much, I loved it back then and remember being really sad one day and just picking Fangirl up and then I felt a lot better.

Grade 9


After grade 8 I had to go back to school which I thought was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Obviously I was a melodramatic brat and it really wasn’t the end of the world. School still sucked but that was life. Solitaire was another book  whose main character I really identified with. While I recognize the fact that this book was kind of problematic and Alice Oseman was definitely grown as an author, I still really love this book. I love how pessimistic Tori was and  how relatable she was as a character. I just remember reading this book intensely in class while everyone was watching a movie and how much I loved it. Solitaire was one of the first books where I really related to the teens portrayed in it and kind of made me feel a little bit better about who I was .

Grade 10


Though grade 10 was like a year ago, it seems like ages ago. I really do think that I’ve changed a lot in the past year, and definitely for the better. Grade 10 was a year where I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and for a good five or six months I really convinced myself that I wanted to be a mathemetician, I eventually realized that while I love math, it wasn’t a job that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. While Lola and The Boy Next Door isn’t the exact book that helped me a lot, this genre is something that I reach for a lot in that year and also previous years.Contemporaries helped me to imagine a different and more fun life than the one I had and contemporaries like Lola made me feel really happy when nothing else would.

Grade 11


The Lies of Lizzie Lovett was one of the first books I got for review and really starting this blog and reviewing books has really helped me fortify my passion and made me realize that I want to work with books for the rest of my life. This year was one where I discovered a lot about people around me and realized that the people in my class aren’t that bad.I spent so much of my high school career thinking that I was better then them because I read and I  was so “smart” and I  never really stopped to think that I was being stupid.In the past few months I’ve really grown to appreciate the people that I went to school with and interract with them a little more. I’m really glad I did because I really enjoy talking to some of them.  I would’ve never thought that I would go to prom and I guess it’s crazy how some things change. I still hate a lot of them but I will miss a lot of them. High school was hard but this year wasn’t so bad.


What were the books that got you through high school?


7 thoughts on “The Books That Helped Me Get Through High School.

  1. You only have 11 grades of school? I’m from the US and we have to do 12 plus kindergarten which makes 13. In any case, the Graceling series by Kristin Cashore really helped me through high school. In general, just having something to read over and over again to escape from homework and such was wonderful. Congratulations on graduating!!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


  2. John Green’s books definitely got me through middle school and high school, especially sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. ❤ I love them so much!

    Great post! 🙂


  3. Our UK high school system is very much similar but instead of grades we just call them year groups. The typical high school does years 7-11. Mine however did 7-13 with years 12 and 13 being optional. I stayed on for those two years but most of my main year group left to go to different colleges before thinking about university.

    In terms of books Harry Potter was certainly a big series for me at school as the books were still
    being published. Others included His Dark Materials trilogy, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, and The Princess Diaries.

    Liked by 1 person

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