Mid-Year Book Freak-Out Tag


I decided that I’m going to take a break from the endless amount of reviews I need to write to do something a little bit more fun! I can’t believe the year is halfway over, there are still so many books that I want to read.

  1. Best Book You’ve Read So Far This Year?

Looking back at all the books I’ve read so far, I have to say that none of them really stand out as the “best book I’ve read so far.” There are some five-star reads but I don’t know if any of them deserve the best book title. If I had to choose though I guess I would pick either History is All You Left me or When Dimple Met Rishi, both really great reads.

2.Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far This Year?

I’ve read barely any series this year, expect for the Red Rising trilogy which is absolutely  amazing. So I guess Golden Son is the best sequel I’ve read this year though it is the only one.

3. New Release You Haven’t Read Yet but Want To?

That’s like an impossible question to answer, there’s so many! To name a few: Girl Out Of Water, The Hate U Give,The Upside of Unrequited and How To Make A Wish

4.Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half of The Year?

The Girl With The Red Balloon sounds pretty awesome, other than that I can’t really think of any other ones that I’m excited for.

5. Biggest Disappointment?

Fall On Your Knees was pretty disappointing, it wasn’t my lowest rated book but I was really excited to read it and came out reading it, feeling really gross and just really didn’t like what went on in that book.

6.Biggest Surprise?

The Book of Negroes, I really did not expect to like it as much as I did and thought for sure that it’d be one of those books that just dragged on forever but it didn’t and it was super engaging and I absolutely loved it!

7.Favorite New Author(Debut or New To You)?

I absolutely loved Anna- Marie  Mclemore’s Wild Beauty and thought her writing style was absolutely gorgeous! So good and I can’t wait to read her other books.

8. Newest Fictional Crush?

I don’t really get fictional crushes because I need so much information to even develop a crush on someone which very rarely happens in books.Rishi was pretty cute I guess or Rishi, either or.

9.Newest Favorite Character?

I think either Linus from Meg and Linus or Griffin from History is All You Left Me

10.Book That Made You Cry?

I never cry because of books though some books have made me come pretty close to tears. I was close to tearing up when reading What I Lost, there was some pretty intense scenes in that book.

11. Book That Made You Happy?

When Dimple Met Rishi, Meg and Linus, and The Sun Is also A Star were all adorable reads.

12. Prettiest Book You’ve Bought or Received This Year.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.26.40 PM

The Reader is a pretty gorgeous book:inside and out.

13. What Books Do you Need To Read By The End of The Year.

There’s so many I want to get to! I hope to get a Kate Morton I bought,try to finish The Chaos Walking Trilogy, maybe read Simon Vs Homo Sapiens Agenda, and hopefully many more awesome books!

14.. Favorite Book Community Member?

That’s so hard to chose, I love Fadwa’s blog and twitter and Aimal’s blog and twitter and instagram. There’s probably like a million others that I like but they’re all escaping me at the moment

What Were Your Answers For These Questions.How Has Your 2017 Been so far?

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