It All Comes Down to This by Karen English Book Review


Goodreads Summary:It’s 1965, Los Angeles. All twelve-year-old Sophie wants to do is write her book, star in the community play, and hang out with her friend Jennifer. But she’s the new black kid in a nearly all-white neighborhood; her beloved sister, Lily, is going away to college soon; and her parents’ marriage is rocky. There’s also her family’s new, disapproving housekeeper to deal with. When riots erupt in nearby Watts and a friend is unfairly arrested, Sophie learns that life—and her own place in it—is even more complicated than she’d once thought. 

Disclaimer:I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating:4/5 stars

Plot: It All Comes Down To This is one of those books that 11 year old me would’ve absolutely loved, I devoured books like these when I was younger. Regardless, 17 year old me also really loved it, as it’s one of those middle-grade books that isn’t too juvenile for older audiences to enjoy.

While It All Comes Down To This has the classic conflicts  that many middle grade contemporaries have, it also touched upon some really serious issues such as racism and did so in a really poignant way. It’s really important for young people to read books like these, books that aren’t afraid of talking about certain subject matter that is oftentimes tabooed. I think a lot of time people think that children are too “young” to read about certain things but I don’t think that’s true especially when it’s something that affects them personally,or even when it doesn’t. Children  are a lot smarter than adults give them credit for and you’re only hurting them by shielding them from the truth.I really wish I had read a book like this when I was younger because I think it really changes your perspective.


I absolutely loved the character of Sophie and it was so heartbreaking to see her face many injustices. She’s just the type of personality that I love when reading books like these so it was really fun reading from her perspective. I also really liked seeing the relationships that she had throughout the book whether it be with her sister,parents or housekeeper. I loved how complex the dynamic was between each and every one of them. I would’ve liked to see a little bit more between Sophie and her friend as I found it was a really interesting conflict that wasn’t explored nearly enough. Other than I thought all of the characters were really nicely fleshed out, which is always nice to see in a middle grade novel.





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