Some Pretty Problematic Books

So I really haven’t posting a lot lately because I’m just starting college and kind of just getting used to this new weird life and living away from home so posts will probably be pretty infrequent for quite awhile. Anyway I’m super behind on review copies, so I decided to kill three birds with one stone and just write three little mini reviews. I think it’s really important for me to post about these books because in my personal opinion I found them to be hella problematic. Just because I got these books for free  doesn’t mean I’m going to write a nice review that wouldn’t be right.

  1. My FairyGodmother is a Drag Queen by David Clawson


I think that this really had the potential to be quite a good book but the way it was handled was really weird and not good in the least bit. The main two things that bothered me was the way the author handled the drag queen character so poorly and  how the mc said some really offensive things  about them and it was like never really corrected or discussed. This book could have had some really important nuanced discussion but it just had to resort to offensive jokes which is just not cool in this day and age. The other thing that really bothered me was the whole sneaking around/cheating storyline which is never okay no matter the circumstances. Even ignoring the bad stereotyping and cheating,the romance was poorly developed, and the plot wasn’t very well developed. Really not a big fan of this one.

2. Maybe in Paris by Rebbeca Christainsen


Going to Paris is like my ultimate goal so I thought that this book would be great but unfortunately it was just really annoying and problematic. The only kind of good part were the descriptions of Paris but everything was so bad that it didn’t really matter. The autism rep was autrocious and like I know very little about autism but it was very apparent even to me. The Mc’s brother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder,schizophrenia  and autism but like the doctors think it’s okay for his sister to take him to paris???????? also  none of those diagnoses are really ever discusssed or even portrayed accurately or respectfully. And like apparently this is supposed to be a touching story about siblings or something but like the mc doesn’t even care about the brother and is trying to find a way to love him despite his autism and doesn’t see that there’s anything wrong with that.This book is one big shit show and so disrespectful.  This review describes a lot better than I did.


3. The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die by Randall Platt


This is a more complicated one because I’ll admit that I didn’t really see the problematic elements when reading this book. Though I am half-jewish, there’s still a lot of things that I don’t understand about anti-semetism and the likes so I was really glad to read some reviews that enlightened me.  I’m just going to link this review by Katherine Locke and I’d reccommend giving it a read, it’s very long but it’s totally worth it. Basically this book had a lot of nice Nazis and the Mc is very detached from her Judaism  and on multiple occasions, admire things that Nazis do.



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