Discussion: Are Book to Movie Adaptations a good or bad thing?

If asked a non book reader to name five books they’d probably say  Harry Potter,Hunger Games,maybe Twilight,perhaps Divergent and then let’s throw in a classic book that they needed to read for school. If you notice something:4 out of 5 books are Book to movie adaptations. It’s something that I’ve noticed a lot,even people who aren’t book worms will realize when a movie was originally a book.I’ve seen this a lot: people who would otherwise never read a book in their life will actually read the book that the movie they just watched was based on. I saw this first time with The Hunger Games: people in my class who would never read a book in a million years were reading the first one then the other two because they wanted to know what happened next. Honestly when people complain about book to movie adaptations I don’t really agree with it because I think it’s great how these books get to a wider public. Are they the  best books that are out there? Not always but reading is a beautiful thing and I want as many people to enjoy it as possible regardless if it’s a good book or not. I Don’t think Harry Potter would have the reach it does, if the movies weren’t a thing. I mean sure they weren’t the best, but I think that there were people who really got into reading after watching all the movies then reading the books. Sometimes people don’t realize that they need a certain book and book to movie adaptations can help that.

While there is that side to it, I definitely understand the apprehension surround adaptations. After all they’re condensing the book to make it movie ready and sometime they leave out really important parts. I love The Harry Potter movies but only when looking at them and not comparing them to the books because god did they butcher a lot of really essential aspects.im still not over how they messed up Ginny. Then don’t even talk to me about the Percy Jackson series: you know it’s a bad movie when even the author hates it. I’m never going to be over that autrocity.so I completely understand the apprehension because these books are very important to us and seeing the movie ruin everything we love is very frustrating.I do think that we have to realize that movies and books are two very different and unique mediums and sometimes certain parts in books don’t translate well onto the screen. Some books are just not meant to movies but sometimes it’s just plain bad for no apparent reason *cough*Percy Jackson*cough*

One last thing is that sometime the book is better than the movie. Take the Perks of Being. Wallflower: I HATE the book but love the movie and it’s my favorite. Its just one of those books that translates much better in the movie format. Then I’m perosonally more of a fan of the The Hunger Games movies than books: I think they did an amazing job adaptations it and made Mockingjay- a book that I find very confusing- one of the best in the trilogy.Some books were meant for the screen.

What do you think about book to movie adaptations? Love them? Hate them?Which are your favourites and least favourites?

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