How Do I Rate The Books I Read?


So I just finished Female Of The Species by Mindy McGinnis and as I went to mark it as read on Goodreads, I kind of had a crisis. I really liked the book but it wasn’t five-star worthy but it was better than a four star. I finally gave it a 4 stars because curse Goodreads for not having half stars. But I was thinking about it some more and I really wouldn’t give it a 4.5 either. This sparked a huge bookistential crisis.

I am not happy with myself when I get a 80%. Obviously this is something totally personal and really depends from person to person and I’m not saying that 80% is a bad grade at all. It’s just for me personally when I get such a grade, it makes me upset and makes me want to work harder. ( Again i Can’t stress enough that this is my personal reaction). Anyway if I’m disappointed with such a grade why should I rate books that I genuinely like and just have a few minor problems with 4 stars? It’s really not an accurate description of how I feel about the book but what else can I do? Do I really want to be that annoying person who busts out ratings like 86.6576% ? At this point it’s kind of established in the bookish community that ratings are out of five but it’s not really established what each rating means. Everything has a different rating system and for some people a three stars is really good but for others it’s the worst possible rating you can give a book which brings me to my next question. How important are the ratings book bloggers give the books we read?

Sometimes I’ll be reading a review and I’ll be like ” oh this sounds like a good book, they seem to really like it ” but then I get to their rating and they rated it like two stars so then I’m just confused.  Obviously the review is the most important part and that should convey how you feel about the book and ratings don’t really matter in the long scheme of things but I feel like they matter to me in my personal reading experiences. I read so many books that sometimes when I can’t remember how I feel about a specific book, I like to look at what I rated it if they I didn’t write a review and then my feelings come back to me. I do wonder though if there was a more precise rating method on goodreads  that I might remember the books I read a lot better.

So I really haven’t come to any conclusions and I’m still very confused about how I feel about the way I rate books.  Well I guess this is better than worrying about my real problems!!!

How Do You Rate Books? Do You Think It’s Important?




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  1. This has been an increasing dilemma for me as I look into it more over the years and honestly, I’m starting to favor using a general descriptor as well as a rating (for example, saying ‘cute and short’ or ‘underwhelming’ in addition to a rating). I feel like ratings can make people a little quick to judge because there is no standard rating system. I also feel like I give too high of ratings because my average ratings is always between 4 and 5 stars meaning I almost never give a book two stars and I only give one star to books I DNF except I never DNF books because I always need to know what happens. It’s such an annoying problem and one that I don’t think will be fixed easily. Great discussion!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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