Discussion Post:Diversity in Adult books

I felt like writing a post today,but I don’t have any ideas so I decided I’m going to do a discussion post.I’ve never done of these before so bear with me.

For the past few years, the #weneeddiversebooks has become a booming movement. Diversity ranges from race,religion,sexual orientation,gender, and mental/physical disabilities.This movement is really important and I really think that in the past few years, the amount of diversity has really improved,especially in YA and children’s fiction. I read my fair share of YA, and I love seeing all the new releases that are written by #ownvoices  or books that feature elements of diversity. It’s so important to have diversity in books that are marketed towards Young Adult, as a lot of people look in books for guidance. These are the definitive years of our lives, and for teenagers and children to have perspectives that they can relate it is so important.

Not only do I read YA but I also read a lot of Adult book and something I’ve noticed is that there’s not as much diversity in that area.Now I may be completely ignorant and there could be thousands of adult books out there that have diverse elements,but in my personal experience,I haven’t seen or read that many diverse adult books.Obviously there are some, especially when it comes books about race or mental illnesses but I still feel there’s some areas of diversity that is lacking in Adult books. For example LGBTQ books.I feel like any book that i’ve read that features Adult LGBTQ  characters is just so angsty and sad. Obviously that’s okay,but I would kill for a lesbian chicklit or a mystery with  a bi character.

So What do you  think? Am I completely ignorant and is there tons of Diverse Adult books? Feel free to recommend it,or just tell me what you think about this issue!

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