Mania by Fall Out Boy Album Review

So I have like ten book reviews but Fall Out Boy’s new album came out yesterday and it’s wonderful so I’d thought I’d do a little mini review of each song along with my favourite lyric and a ranking from my least favourite to my favourite. Some of these songs I’ve only heard like twice while others I’ve heard many many more times so even though some of these songs may be low on my ranking doesn’t mean I won’t eventually grow to love them.

10.Champion: I really liked this song when I first listened to it but now I’m just kind of bored to it. Its an okay song but I think it’s definitely my least favorite of all of them. I do love the chorus though and find it to be really inspiring but the rest just left me unimpressed

Favourite Lyric: “if I can live through this, I could do anything.”

9. Heaven’s Gate: This one is really slow and not it a good way. It kind of just bores me to be honest and I do like some of the lyrics but it just doesn’t captivate me as much as the other songs.

Favourite Lyric: “you’re the one habit I just can’t kick”

8.Church: I really like this song, I just found it’s a little repetitive and none of the lyrics really speak to me. I do like the rhythm but the rest is a little lacklustre. I couldn’t even pick a lyric that I liked, and the only reason I picked the one below because I like the way it was sung.

Favourite Lyric: “My sanctuary,you’re holy to me.”

7. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea: This one of the more upbeat songs and it’s great. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to go start a revolution or at least do something wild. As an added bonus the title is so original and I’d love to know the meaning behind it.

Favourite Lyric: “the only thing that’s stopping me is me” and ” some princes don’t become kings.”

6. Bishop’s knife trick: I’m still not sure how I feel about this song, I do like it a lot though and I think that it’ll definitely grow on me the more I listen to it. I love the calmer aspects of the the song and I think that a lot of the lyrics are really beautiful. The stronger aspects of the song is definitely the chorus and the rest is just kind of meh.

Favourite Lyric: “the flows of the city below lead us back to the places we never should have left.”

5. Sunshine Riptide: I haven’t listened to this song many times but I do like it a lot. It’s a little weird but it also has a really nice beat. I also love the title and I think that there’s some really nice imagery associated with the title. I think that there’s other people singing in the song too which I didn’t really like that much.

Favourite Lyric: “cause I’m stuck in the sunshine riptide. Dancing all alone in the morning light.”

4. Wilson Expensive Mistakes: I listened to this song for the first time with the music video along with it and it kind of distracted me and was just really weird so I really didn’t like the song at first. But once I just listened to it by itself, I found that I actually really liked it. I love the rhythm and it’s super catchy. I love the chorus so much.

Favourite Lyric: “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour.”

3.Young and Menace: If I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure this was the first single that was released off of this album and the minute I listened to it, I knew that this album was going to be great. I love the mood of this song and the buildup to when they start screaming “young and a menace.” is phenomenal. The music video is weird af but I wouldn’t expect anything less from fall out boy

Favourite lyric:“woke up on the wrong side of reality and there’s a that’s just madness coursing right through me”

2.Hold me Tight or Don’t: I’m not really sure why but this song always gets me really emotional and it’s just super relatable for some reason. ” this isn’t how our story ends” is such a wonderful Lyric and I love the way he sings it and I think it really encompasses the song really well. While it makes me kind of emotional it also makes me want to dance and it’s just such a bop. I didn’t like it that much first but I’ve grown to love it.

Favourite Lyric: ” this isn’t how our story ends.”

1. Last of the Real Ones: This my favourite one hands down no doubt about it and probably my top five favourite fall out boy songs. There’s just something so wonderful about the wrong that makes me so happy and pumped. The melody is brilliant as well as the lyrics and it’s one of the few songs that I never skip when it comes on shuffle. Also the piano at the beginning is on point.

Favourite Lyric:” cause you’re the last of a dying breed, Write your name in the wet concrete, I wonder if your therapist knows everything about me.”

What did you think of the album? What were your favourite and least favourite song?

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