The Books/TV Shows/Movies That Helped Me Get Through My First Year of College


So last week I finished my first year of college and I’m honestly still in shock that I got through it. It fees like just yesterday that I started. To be completely honest, the first year wasn’t the easiest but having books and tv shows to keep me company really helped it become manageable. A year ago I wrote a post about the books that got me through high school and I thought I’d do the same except I would expand it to other forms of media as well.


1.Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

So it’s only been like five months since the new eyar started but I’ve read this book three times.  It’s just such a comforting book and it’s one that I’ll always come back to when I’m feeling down or am in a reading slump. I will never grow tired reading about Simon, Blue,Leah, Abby, Nick and all the wonderful people in the simonverse.

2. Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Cute fluffy books is the perfect cure for school blues and Foolish Hearts is the epitome of a cute fluffy book.  I die just thinking about it: it’s so adorable and just everything a contemporary should aspire to be. Contemporaries are especially great to read during school time because they’re less draining and just pure fun.

3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I reread this in my first weeks of college and it helped me so much. There’s nothing quite like the comfort of your favorite book to make the homesickness go away.

4. Nice Try Jane Sinner by Lianne Oelke

Writing this blog has really kept me grounded when nothing else could and part of that is reviewing the wonderful books  that publishers send me. Nice Trey Jane Sinner was definitely my favorite of those books and I just had so much fun reading it and doing a blog tour for it!

5. Leah on The Offbeat By Becky Albertalli

I’m obsessed with all things becky albertalli related so of course I had to mention her latest book!! I read this book in like two hours from like ten to midnight and it was just the best experience ever. I laughed, I cried and I just love everything that she writes. She’s a true genius.

TV Show

1.Brooklyn Nine Nine

B99 is my favorite show of all time. It’s so funny and all the characters are amazing and I just love it with all of my heart.  Being able to watch an episode every week was a great start to my week. I was close to tears when I saw that it got canceled but I’m so glad that NBC picked it up. This is one of those shows that deserves like 10 seasons.

2. How I Met Your Mother.

This was the show that I obsessively watched in my first few weeks of college. It was a show that my sister got me into, so it really reminded me of her which was nice. I’m still hella pissed about the last episode because I feel like it just ruined the entire show for me but it’s still a show that I really really enjoy even though there are definitely some problematic aspects.

3. The Good Place

I discovered this show during my fall semester and it was so good holy shit. I never expected to love it as much as I do but it’s brilliant and I can’t wait for the third season.  It’s one of those that’s super unique and always keeps me on my toes. The humor is amazing and I relate to all the characters so much.

4. The Office

I never thought that I’d like The Office but I was looking for shows to watch and my sister’s boyfriend recommended this show and I decided to give it a chance. I watched the first 8 seasons in two weeks so I think it’s pretty safe to say that I liked it. Actually like is a pretty small word, I’d more say love.  It has become one of my favorite shows of all time and I just love it so much. Michael is the best character ever.

5. One Day At A Time

I remember when  I first watched the first season back in January of 2017 and I learnt that season 2 wouldn’t be coming out until a year from then, it felt so weird for me to think about where I’d be at that point. Well I finally watched the 2nd season this January and it was soooo good. This show is brilliant and I love the family dyamic and it’s just such a beautiful show. I really hope it gets more seasons


Movies( more like movie singular though)

Okay so I’m not that a huge fan of watching movies by myself because it’s something I prefer to do with family. so I didn’t watch that many movies alone this year but there has been one movie that I watched back in February and then in March and then I found a pirated version and since then I’ve watched it oh… about 30 times(yes I know I have a problem). And that movie is LOVE SIMON. This is my new favorite movie and I love it with all my heart and whenever I feel sad or just meh I watch it and no matter how many times I’ve watched it, it never fails to make my heart burst.





What Love Simon Means To Me

So I was lucky enough to see an early screening of Love, Simon about a month ago and I love it so godamn much ahhh. I wrote a spoiler free review here but the post I’m going to be writing today is a little more personal and is a little discussion post about how much Love, Simon means to me

I’ve been seeing a lot of people say that Love, Simon is not what gay teens need. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how it’s unrealistic for a gay teen to have such a positive coming out experience, that they’re sick of watching movies about white privileged teens who have no problems in their life. And like yeah I get that some of these complaints are valid, I’m not saying that they’re not but Love, Simon is so important. I think it’s so important to show that even someone who is privileged, who is white, who has loving parents can struggle with coming out. I think it’s important for gay teens to see the cliche unrealistic reality that straight people get in Hollywood. No it’s not completely perfect (it kind of is tho) but it’s an amazing first stepping stone and I can’t wait to see what comes after Love, Simon.

“Okay yeah Hannah that’s cool but why does it mean so much to you?”

Because I’m gay. To be more specific, bi.

So yeah I’m bi but I’m not out to anyone and it’s not because I’m ashamed or scared of what people will say, it’s just because it’s not a part that I find really relevant to people getting to know me. Like yeah I like girls and guys and other genders but like I’m not going to tell everyone that I start to get to know that I love asparagus so why the fuck is who I am romantically attracted to any different ? And like yeah if I ever do fall in love with a girl and like starting dating her then of course I’ll tell the ppl around me but until then it’s not something that I’m going to make a big deal out of. If someone were ever to ask me outright I would tell them but again I don’t think it’s something that I’m ever going to tell anyone unsolicited. I am not at a point in my life where romance is an aspect of my life so my romantic orientation really isn’t that big of a deal.

So while Love, Simon doesn’t portray my experience as a queer teen, the emotions and feelings that Simon goes through are so relatable and he raises such a good point at one point in the movie. Why do only gay people have to come out? Why the fuck is straight the default. It should not be straight until proven otherwise, people should stop assuming other people’s fucking sexualities. It’s so frustrating and it just hurts so much. I showed one of my friends the trailer of Love,Simon because I was really excited for it and I wanted to share the love but he was kind of a huge asshole about it and was like “Why are you so excited for this movie? You’re not even gay.” Number one that’s fucking stupid, you don’t need to be gay to love the beauty that is Love,Simon. And number 2 how about you don’t assume my sexuality. This is a person that I kind of lowkey hate and makes me feel like shit so I’m not going to come out to him?? But jut because I haven’t told someone that I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m not? If I don’t say I’m straight then don’t fucking assume I am. Straight needs to stop being the default and I really hope that Love, Simon changes people’s mindset on what is the default. It hurts so much to have people assume your sexuality.

Obviously this movie doesn’t mean as much to me as it does to mlm but like still when the pickings are slim even the slightest representation that reminds you of your experience is important. I can’t believe that there’s a major motion picture that has a happy gay love story. Everyone deserves a great love story. And while I am extremely proud of who I am, I sometimes forget that. This movie is so important and I really hope that I get to see a movie with a character closer to my identity one day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive that though and may just die from happiness.

Have you seen Love, Simon yet? If not, are you going to?