Favorite Movies


I love movies so much and there’s so many different types of movies that I enjoy so I thought I’d do a post discussing my favorite movies, separating them into different categories.

Teen Movies


Love Simon.

So not only is this my favorite romcom, it’s also my favorite movie. Literally everything is perfect about this movie from the acting to the soundtrack. I’ve watched it over 35 times and I never grow tired of it.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Before Love Simon came along, this was my favorite movie. I relate to Charlie so much and I just love the whole vibe of it. There’s a perfect mix of humor and seriousness.  Also I love Emma Watson and she’s pretty much my favorite actress so how can I not love it?

Ten Things I Hate About You

This is such a top notch romcom. Heath Ledger is the perfect love interest and everything about it just so great. There’s the perfect combination of cringe and cuteness. Also that poem gets me every time


Animated Movies


Brother Bear

Brother Bear is probably the movie I’ve cried the most to. This story is so heartbreaking and beautiful and I love it so much. No one really ever talks about it which makes me sad because it’s my favorite Disney movie!! If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming yet heartbreaking movie, then I highly recommend Brother Bear


This is such a great Disney princess movie!! The soundtrack is on point( I mean I wouldn’t expect anything less from Lin Manuel Miranda) and Moana is such a badass character. I also love the fact that there’s no love interest and the main focus is saving her island. Plus the actor who plays her Auli’i Cravalho is fucking amazing  and I cant wait to see what she does next.

Beauty And The Beast

Belle is my favorite Disney Princess( i mean how can the bookworm not be my favorite) and I really love the story of this one. Plus the soundtrack is great. I also really love the live action ( maybe even a little bit more than the animated version). It’s definitely my favorite fairy tale.



High School Musical

I am 100% serious when I say this trilogy is one of my favorite movie. All of the songs are bops okay? This was my childhood and  I just love it a lot. Yes it’s hella cringey and repetitive but  how can you beat classics like Gotta Go My Own Way and Stick To The Status Quo? My favorite is 2, then 1 and finally 3.

The Fiddler on The Roof.

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this three-hour movie about a Jewish man and his five daughters in the early 20th century that I love so much but there’s something about it that gets me every time. I really like the story and the songs are all really great and it’s just a really fun movie. My favorite scene is the one in the graveyard.

Sound Of Music.

I honestly can’t remember the first time I watched this movie but it’s such a engrained part of my memory that I feel like I’ve known it forever. I love the Von Trapp family and Maria so much and it’s one of those movies that I know I’ll watch until I die. Also Captain Von Trapp ripping the nazi flag is such a mood.


The Holy Trinity


So my sister and my dad have these three movies that we’ve watched so many times that we pretty much know all the lines by now.They’re not the best movies ever but they’re our movies.

Big Fish

This is probably one of the most unique movies I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s such a fun watch and really different. Plus Ewan Mcgregor is in it and he’s the best so it has to be good right?

Hearts and Souls

This is a really  sweet and heartwarming movie. It’s very simple but I guess that I’ve watched it so many times that it just has begun to feel like home.  There’s this one scene that whenever I think about it, I get really sad. Also this movie introduced me to the song Walk Like A Man which is such a bop.

Groundhog Day

This movie is really hilarious and I know it’s a little silly but I just really love it. Bill Muray is hilarious and it’s just a really great and amausing film. Plus I’ve been to the town where this movie is filmed which was rlly cool.

What Are You Favorite Movies?


If you like this…Try this#1



This post is one of the first of this idea I have for my wordpress blog. Basically it’s book recommendations based on on people’s favourite books,tv shows,movie and music.

For this one I asked people on Tumblr for their favourite movies,  and I’ll try my best to recommend some books based on these movies. Some of these movies I haven’t watched but I will try  my best to find a book based on the vibe I get from the description/trailer.  So let’s get into this.

1.Good Will Hunting. Starring:Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

The gist of it: A story of love and friendship about a a mathematical genius  struggling with the limits he has to overcome.

I recommend: The Humans by Matt Haig

This is a book about an alien who overtakes the body of a professor who has broken a mathematical formula that must be destroyed. This is also a story of friendship and love, while the alien struggles with human concepts.

2. A Little Princess.Starring:Liesel Matthews and Liam Cunningham

The Gist of It:A story about finding hope in even the darkest  of times,and finding magic in even the coldest of places

I recommend:The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

While this is pretty different from A Little Princess, it does remind  me of it which is why I chose it. It has a sort of mysterious ominous vibe, along with the fact that during the book one of the characters meets the author  of A Little Princess.It’s a story about family, and the secrets they keep from each other.

3.Alice In Wonderland.Starring:Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska 

The Gist Of it: A strange and kooky movie about a young girl destined to kill the Red Queen.

I recommend:The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer By Michelle Hodkins

Now I know that this wouldn’t be the obvious choice, but they’re are some similarities.  The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is very disorienting and you’re unsure of what is real and what is in the narrator’s head, which is the way it is in Alice In Wonderland. Mara Dyer tells the story of a girl struggling between reality and fantasy, as she tries to recover from a traumatic accident.

4.Moulin Rouge. Starring Ewan McGregor  and Nicole Kidman.

The Gist of it:A celebration of love and creative inspiration takes place in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, at the cusp of the 20th century. A young poet , who is plunged into the heady world of Moulin Rouge, begins a passionate affair with the club’s most notorious and beautiful star 

I recommend:Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

This is a book set in the 30s telling the story of a travelling circus and a trapeze artist who falls in love. This is a very glamorous book along with an undertone of darkness.Water For Elephants is told from the perspective of a senile old man and is bound to make you cry.


So there you have it, my first if you like this… try this. Let me know what you thought of it and if there’s any aspect of it that could be modified! Also if you could leave some of your favourite movies/books/tv shows in the comments, I can used them for my next post!

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