The Handsome Girl and Her Beautiful Boy by B.T Gottfred Book Review


Goodreads Summary:

Everyone assumes that Zee is a lesbian. Her classmates, her gym buddies, even her so-called best friend. So many people think that Zee likes girls, even Zee is starting to wonder. Could they be onto something?

Everyone assumes that Art is gay. They take one look at his nice clothes and his pretty face and think: well, obviously.

But there’s more to Zee and Art than anyone realizes. When Art first meets Zee, he knows he’s found someone special–someone magical. Zee may not be able to see that magic in herself, but Art is bound and determined to show it to her.

What develops is a powerful connection between two people who are beautiful in all the ways they’ve been told are strange. As they explore their own complexities in gender, sexuality, and identity, they fall for the complexities they find in each other. With his trademark frankness, B.T. Gottfred delves inside both characters’ heads in this story about love and living authentically.

My Rating:1.5/5 Stars

Disclaimer:I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts

When I first read the summary, I was so excited to read the book and thought that the concept sounded so cool. You know those books that you get really excited about when you think of reading them? The Handsome Girl and Her Beautiful Boy. Then I read it and….. I was not impressed.

There are some books that I read where I just keep asking myself how on earth the characters are supposed to be realistic, this book is one such read. From the first page, the way the Mcs talked sounded like nothing real people. I mean when they first meet the dude, Art, takes one look at the girl, Zee , and declares to her that he’s in love with her. I am of course no stranger to insta-love but this was ridiculous. I love quirky characters, characters that are different from what I usually read but all of the characters were weird and unrealistic and I pretty much hated every single one of them. The characters were either super weird and everything they did made no sense whatsoever or they were very stereotypical and one dimensional. I honestly can’t name a single character that didn’t annoy the living shit out of me.

The main thing that attracted me was the latter half of the summary. I was very excited to read about “complexities in gender, sexuality, and identity” and thought that this was going to be a diverse book filled with interesting discussions about social norms. And i mean there was kind of stuff like that but I was will really disappointed. I honestly feel like the author included these weak attempts at trying to hash out these subjects because that’s one of the elements that really sells the book but he just really didn’t do a good job of this. It felt very sporadic and random and I’m usually not a fan of saying that there’s diversity just for the sake of diversity because I mean the real world is diverse you know but this was honestly really horrible representation. I honestly wouldn’t classify it as having LGBTQ elements because that’s what really drew me in but I was heavily disappointed. Honestly this might be just a question of personal preference but it made me really uncomfortable and I hated it. The only reason I didn’t give it a 1 star rating was because the writin g style wasn’t horrible and it as an easy read. and there were times hwere I enjoyed myself

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